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Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 6:39 PM
Cc: Roger Hamilton; Ow Sing Hwee; Wilson Wong
Subject: Note to XL Life Members: On current legal actions being taken by XL

Note to XL Life Members: On current legal actions being taken by XL

Dear Life Member,
I am sorry to have to bring this to your attention, but we have had a number of Life Members forward on information to us in the last few months that we have dealt with on a case by case basis. However, it has reached a level where we now want to clarify these matters with all Life Members.

Here at XL Results Foundation we continue to work hard each month to grow the value of our work for the benefit for all entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific and especially to our Life Members. You will have seen various developments throughout this first four months of this year, and you will be hearing shortly from Roger on the many upcoming developments we are committed to through 2005 and 2006.

We will always hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity and ethics as we grow, as we expect all our Life Members to through our Code of Conduct. This is what allows us to build a trusted network that we can all be proud of. We will also defend ourselves fully against anyone who attempts to cast doubts on our integrity through rumors or innuendo.

Over recent months, we have received numerous reports from Life Members that an individual (who is not a Life Member, or XL customer) has been in contact with them, and made unsubstantiated and untrue claims and/or allegations about XL Results Foundation and Roger which are clearly meant to disparage his integrity and the integrity of the organization. We have identified that person and shall be commencing legal proceedings to protect and/or enforce our rights and reputation.

In addition, since March 2005, offending emails were mailed to XL Life Members from at least three different Yahoo accounts, to spread rumors about XL Results Foundation, Roger and myself. The "authors" of these offending emails - "James Tan", "David Lu" and "Anthony Yap", claim to be Life Members. However, none of them are, and neither have they ever been customers of XL or attendees at any events. The creator of these Yahoo email accounts, however, has access to the Life Membership database and has been selecting the Life Members to target the messages at. We have commenced legal proceedings to track the Yahoo accounts back to source.

In particular, the latest offending email sent by one "Anthony Yap" on 5 May 2005 to some of our Life Members stated that a report had been filed with one Mr Desmond Ow of the Commercial Affairs Department ("CAD") alleging wrongdoing by Roger Hamilton, Chairman of XL Group, and myself. We have spoken with Mr Ow (who has been copied in on this email) and obtained Mr Ow's confirmation that no investigation is being carried out against Roger Hamilton and myself in respect of any alleged wrongdoings.

We take an extremely serious view against such baseless and untrue allegations which are aimed at disparaging the reputation, integrity and character of XL Results Foundation, Roger and myself, and we will use the full extent of the law to defend our reputation and integrity. This we will do now, and at all times in the future.

Thank you to all the Life Members who have brought these communications to our attention. If you have received any such emails, but have not let us know, we have been asked by our lawyers to collect any such information, so please do forward them on to us. If you would be more comfortable, you can also forward them directly to our lawyer, Wilson Wong of Drew & Napier LLC, at wilson.wong@drewnapier.com.

My apologies that for legal reasons we are not able to disclose more at this stage, but we will update you once we have brought this matter to a close.

Best regards and thank you for your continued support,

Dave Rogers
Chief Mentor Coach
XL Results Foundation
cc. Roger Hamilton, XL Results Foundation cc. Desmond Ow, CAD cc. Wilson Wong, Drew & Napier