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From: Linda Ruck
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 12:08 PM
To: Roger Hamilton
Importance: High


Accepted and realise there is nothing I can do about your decision.  I understand how important the children are to you and I know Renata would want me out the country if she returned to Asia.  I realise you would sacrifice me or anyone at this stage for the children and you are not strong enough to fight Renate and support me as a partner in the company.

I will finish issue 6 of XL and have it go to print end of February.  I will also go all out for a new job and aim to have one by the end of February. 

Could you please prepare a draft severance package.  I will need financial support to relocate and put a roof over my head.  Please consider my almost three years in the company of deligence and commitment.